We are enthusiastic problem-solvers committed to authenticity, boldness, collaboration, and taking smart risks.

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Core Value 01

Continuous Learning

In the world of business, continuous learning is key to success. As self-directed learners, we embrace our natural curiosity and approach each opportunity with a sense of playfulness and adventure. This mindset allows us to deepen our understanding and continually grow in our careers.


Core Value 02

Collaborative Creation

In business, success is often achieved through collaboration and continuous improvement. By following a cycle of decide-act-learn, we work together to iteratively co-create solutions that drive progress and drive success.


Core Value 03

Smart Risk-Taking

In the world of business, making informed decisions and taking calculated risks are key to success. With wisdom and courage, leaders guide their teams to make smart, ethical choices that drive optimal results and demonstrate strong leadership skills.

Adding Value to Your Team and Organization

With a proven track record of delivering outstanding results through collaboration, we are confident in our ability to bring value to your team, organization, and project. With nearly two decades of experience, we are equipped to support you through any challenges that arise.


“There were 10 min left in the lab, that is where I saw the magic happen. Everyone started making their promises for the next 48 hours. I saw more work getting done in that 10 minutes than I had ever seen in any other meeting in my life. Walking back to the office, I exclaimed to Kim that the 1 hour session was worth more than we would pay to all consultants for the entire year.”

— Phil Graham, CFO WinSport


“BalancePoint has provided us invaluable tools, skills and insight to quantifiably improve our team skills, personal and professional growth and our corporate alignment. They are undoubtably one of the best consulting firms available to help you with defining and setting your corporations strategies and goals.”

— Greg Tolson, Tridon Communications Corporation

“The process delivered dramatically improved results with the streamlining of our internal processes, development of new processes and most importantly, a fully cooperative and aligned Executive and Management team.”

— Steve Dallison, Operations and Engineering Director, OilFlow Solutions

“The lasting effects were growing a strong group of leaders that are taking Simple Spaces to the next levels and beyond while leaving behind a legacy that I am extremely proud of.”

— Wendy McAllister, CEO Simple Spaces

“Don’t expect a cookie cutter or a soft pat on the back approach, but rather a challenging, face the reality and out of the box thinking and creative ideas approach.”

— James J. Szarko CA, President and CEO, SemBioSys Genetics Inc.

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