Helping organizations translate wisdom into meaningful carbon action.


Years of Impacting Organizations


People Empowered


Client Experience Satisfaction


What makes us different?

Thinking outside the box

We break out of standard business routines by combining our services with delivery programs that are innovative, fresh, and fun – ask us about our efforts around coaching using horseback riding, motorcycling, and whitewater rafting.


What makes us different?

Emphasizing collaboration

All Carbon Performance Labs are Co-created with our clients. They promote engagement, leverage existing resources, and ensure that the capacity to deliver and evolve are developed with the client for future carbon projects.


What makes us different?

Multidisciplinary Approach

Utilizing different perspectives and experiences maximizes the learning that is shared and retained by client teams. As a result, we are able to generate well-informed carbon solutions.


What makes us different?

Working in sprints

We use 48 hour decide-act-learn cycles that accelerate innovation and align clients with the emerging market in addition to technical and global forces.


What makes us different?

Creating a fun experience

Our Carbon Performance Lab projects are a great adventure that build community and expand what is possible within organizations.



What makes us different?

Holding clients accountable

While we’re here to guide our clients throughout the process, it’s up to them to act on and implement their carbon decisions. Deep, generative change happens at a personal, team, and organizational level.


Have a difficult challenge to overcome, project to deliver, or leap to make in the carbon space?

Discover how BalancePoint can help you achieve your carbon goals through our Carbon Performance Labs – a comprehensive, effective, end-to-end, problem solving methodology that will develop a legacy of leadership and help your organization achieve its most critical carbon objectives.


“There were 10 min left in the lab, that is where I saw the magic happen. Everyone started making their promises for the next 48 hours. I saw more work getting done in that 10 minutes than I had ever seen in any other meeting in my life. Walking back to the office, I exclaimed to Kim that the 1 hour session was worth more than we would pay to all consultants for the entire year.”

— Phil Graham, CFO WinSport


“BalancePoint has provided us invaluable tools, skills and insight to quantifiably improve our team skills, personal and professional growth and our corporate alignment. They are undoubtably one of the best consulting firms available to help you with defining and setting your corporations strategies and goals.”

— Greg Tolson, Tridon Communications Corporation

“The process delivered dramatically improved results with the streamlining of our internal processes, development of new processes and most importantly, a fully cooperative and aligned Executive and Management team.”

— Steve Dallison, Operations and Engineering Director, OilFlow Solutions

“The lasting effects were growing a strong group of leaders that are taking Simple Spaces to the next levels and beyond while leaving behind a legacy that I am extremely proud of.”

— Wendy McAllister, CEO Simple Spaces

“Don’t expect a cookie cutter or a soft pat on the back approach, but rather a challenging, face the reality and out of the box thinking and creative ideas approach.”

— James J. Szarko CA, President and CEO, SemBioSys Genetics Inc.

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