Helping organizations translate wisdom into impactful business action.

Do you have critical initiatives or targets that are…

Taking too long?

Dollar Sign Costing Too Much Money

Costing too much?

Exclamation Has Escalating Risk

At risk of not being delivered?

The Business Performance Lab

Imagine having a highly effective and productive work environment, paired with processes and tools that enable you to uncover and attain the business results that matter most… all while fostering effective, sustainable team practices.

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What is a Business Performance Lab?

The BalancePoint Performance Lab is a collaborative organizational ecosystem that streamlines the process of completing important work while fostering habits and behaviors that lead to sustainable results.

Each Performance Lab is co-designed with clients as a comprehensive, effective, end-to-end system that not only achieves a critical business outcome, but also builds the organizational capability to sustain and expand the lab’s capacity without relying on external contractors.

A Performance Lab project is typically completed in under 12 weeks by a team of 4 to 12 participants, primarily utilizing existing resources.

The outcome? Wise decisions that are acted upon by teams that are engaged and driven.

What does the process look like?

Coaching and Facilitation – We help identify business goals, drive accountability, address and resolve cultural challenges, and enhance organizational performance.

Business Insights – We utilize advanced business intelligence tools, strategic and tactical goal methodologies, and reporting standards to define measurable, achievable, and reportable corporate performance targets.

Visualization – We partner with leading vendors and solutions such as PowerBI, Qlik, and Tableau, along with specialized add-ins like ZebraBI and trueChart, to help you visualize your crucial business data and gain a deeper understanding of your business.

Storytelling – Adding context, color, and structure to your business helps instill the attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge needed to become a high-performing organization. Metaphors are a powerful tool in communication, training, and decision making.

Workflow – Efficient and streamlined workflows accelerate results, deepen learning, and align efforts.

Habit Creation – Creating and embedding positive habits into a workgroup or organization is the foundation for sustained performance.

How long does it take to complete a Performance Lab?

A project within the BalancePoint Performance Lab lasts 6 to 12 weeks. The Performance Lab itself is designed to remain with the client for the duration of their business operations. BalancePoint typically works on projects for 12 to 18 months as we train the client’s “Super Team.” Eventually, BalancePoint focuses solely on high-value, complex projects that may be too demanding or outside the expertise of the Super Team.

What can you expect from this experience?

Close Revenue Deficits & Short-term Challenges – By bringing together the right team in a high-performance environment, optimizing solution design, task management, and accountability, we can maximize productivity and focus on achieving the right outcomes.

Gain Business Insights – Bring clarity to your financial, operational, and resource metrics. We provide performance insights through data analysis, consolidation, tracking, and reporting using advanced analytics tools, and can also integrate with your existing business intelligence environment (such as PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau, etc.) to enhance your internal reporting.

Boost Revenue Predictability and Consistency – Businesses exist to earn profit and maximize shareholder value, but many organizations struggle to meet their mid and long-term revenue goals. By promoting the right behaviors, attitudes, and focus areas, and using the right tools and processes, your organization can achieve its revenue targets consistently and predictably.

Enhance Team Skills and Leadership – Uncover hidden talent and emerging leaders. Through tools such as executive coaching, accountability management, personal and interpersonal skill development, and focus improvement, we help your team reach new heights of productivity. The best performers will rise to the top and untapped potential will often be revealed.

What makes a company a good fit for the Performance Lab?

You have a business challenge to overcome – Performance Labs are designed for organizations that have a specific business challenge to address. Companies reach out to us when a project is taking too long, costing too much, or has escalating risk that needs management. We understand the stress and strain these factors can cause, and we are committed to helping organizations get back on track.

You are a team-oriented group – Collaboration and teamwork are key components of the Performance Lab. We work best with organizations that are eager to participate in the process and understand the value of collaboration. While we provide planning support and hold teams accountable, we only partner with clients who are committed to following through with the decisions made in the Performance Lab to achieve their desired outcomes.

Your work is impactful – We partner with organizations that acknowledge the impact their work has on people and the environment. It is important for these organizations to align with their values, treat employees and clients with respect, engage in meaningful work, and maintain a positive company culture.

What kind of Performance Labs to you offer?

The Performance Lab can tackle any aspect of any business. Some examples of past lab projects include: Carbon Footprint Lab, Manufacturing Process Improvement Lab, and Sales Performance Enhancement Lab.

How effective are Performance Labs?

The results we have seen for our Performance Lab clients have been truly remarkable. Here are some examples that demonstrate the effectiveness of our Labs:

High Return on Investment (ROI) – Historically, our clients have achieved a minimum ROI of 10x, with an average ROI of 15x and a maximum of 155x.

Significant Cost Savings – A Manufacturing Process Optimization Lab cost $120k and resulted in $8M in cost savings.

Increased Booked Orders – An Engineering company’s sales lab spent $95k and generated $15.5M in booked orders during the lab.

Improved Focus and Alignment – A Governmental BioTech agency reduced 12 siloed areas of research into 3 core focus areas, involving alignment and building support among 700 research scientists.

High Customer Satisfaction – 100% of our Performance Lab clients are referenceable and actively promote the Performance Lab methodology to their most important customers.


“There were 10 min left in the lab, that is where I saw the magic happen. Everyone started making their promises for the next 48 hours. I saw more work getting done in that 10 minutes than I had ever seen in any other meeting in my life. Walking back to the office, I exclaimed to Kim that the 1 hour session was worth more than we would pay to all consultants for the entire year.”

— Phil Graham, CFO WinSport


“BalancePoint has provided us invaluable tools, skills and insight to quantifiably improve our team skills, personal and professional growth and our corporate alignment. They are undoubtably one of the best consulting firms available to help you with defining and setting your corporations strategies and goals.”

— Greg Tolson, Tridon Communications Corporation

“The process delivered dramatically improved results with the streamlining of our internal processes, development of new processes and most importantly, a fully cooperative and aligned Executive and Management team.”

— Steve Dallison, Operations and Engineering Director, OilFlow Solutions

“The lasting effects were growing a strong group of leaders that are taking Simple Spaces to the next levels and beyond while leaving behind a legacy that I am extremely proud of.”

— Wendy McAllister, CEO Simple Spaces

“Don’t expect a cookie cutter or a soft pat on the back approach, but rather a challenging, face the reality and out of the box thinking and creative ideas approach.”

— James J. Szarko CA, President and CEO, SemBioSys Genetics Inc.

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